New Year, New Adventure


It is the beginning of a new year and if you are like many of us, you find this to be a good time to rethink your goals; both the ones you readily share and the ones you’re privately determined to tackle. The new year is a chance to reevaluate where you were last year and where you want to be in the coming one. Hopefully, last year provided you with enough success to have a sense that you are on the right path, and enough struggle to encourage you to learn and grow.

As you think about this next year, have you embraced a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) or two? Do your goals facilitate a bit of fear and excitement? If so, good! Those ingredients are key in a GOOD adventure. But do you need God right in the middle of the equation in order to be successful? If so, that is wonderful! Because then, it is a GRAND adventure.

What would I add to that equation? I would encourage you to enlist the help of a good coach.  Many people ask me about the value of coaching.  My first response has always been ‘perspective’.  A coach helps you see the topography of the territory you are trying to navigate. But, more importantly, a coach helps you to see yourself. A coach dares to encourage you and care for you in ways that allow you, the player, to engage at 100% and to risk greatly.

You see, a really great coach understands the essence of what Paul was saying to the Colossians when he said that it is the Christ in you that brings the hope of glory into a relationship. You and I and our coaches have been called to be ‘Christ with skin’ to the people that we walk with. But we simply can’t! It is truly impossible. However, we know Christ in us is the hope of glory, so we audaciously and humbly reach out to care and encourage others because He first reached out to us.
Be extravagantly alive, that He might be glorified!


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3 thoughts on “New Year, New Adventure

  1. Richard, what a great thought to start the year! I must admit I have not been waking up in the morning viewing my day as a Great Adventure… Seems like I have been missing out on many chances and not taking time to listen for the quiet vesper of His voice and as Mother Theresa said seeing Christ in everyone I encounter. Thanks for the tip coach.