The Bumps in the Trail


What Mountain Bikes can teach us about the Journey of Life

If there is anything I’ve learned living in the great outdoors of Breckenridge, Colorado, it is this: bicycles are fun! Now, you head to a bicycle mecca like Moab and you soon realize that mountain bikes are outrageously fun!

What makes these machines so much fun? You can take them anywhere and roll over most anything. The mountain bike releases the inner child! It puts a smile on anyone’s face.

A significant ingredient in this funfest is the bicycle’s front shock absorber. The front shock smooth’s out the terrain allowing the bike to swallow up obstacles in its path.  A good shock allows the rider to even set the dampening, which determines how quickly the fork absorbs the bumps. It also allows one to set how quickly the fork rebounds, or returns to normal after enduring a bump. These settings stabilize the front of the bicycle and keep the tire in contact with the earth. Contact with the earth allows us to steer a straight line.

It seems that all of us need the help of a good front shock absorber. We need the ability to dampen and absorb the irregularities and bumps of life.  We need the ability to rebound in a way that allows us to maintain control, perspective and traction as we steer through life.

God has given us community, hope, Himself and His word to act as our “front shock.” Life is bumpy; it is unpredictable and often jarring. But with the right shock, we can maintain control. We may still feel the bumps, but our course is not disrupted.

Victor Frankl, writing from a Nazi concentration camp, said, “everything could be taken from a person except their ability to choose how they will respond to the present moment.”

How we respond to this day will be dictated by the belief system we embrace. Our beliefs become the shock absorbers that allow us to navigate life and put a smile on our face.

This day, I would like you to test-drive the belief found in Romans 8: “Nothing can separate us from the Love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Have an awesome day! May you absorb, rebound and stay on the path.

In His Grip, 


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