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The modern heart rate monitor is a wonderful tool. It can tell us how fast our heart is beating at any given moment.  This information can help us to get in the best physical condition of our life.   Knowing our heart rate allows us to monitor our level of physical exertion and this helps us to know if we are training and living in a healthy and wise way.

People normally wear a heart rate monitor when they are trying to get in shape, in order to engage in an athletic endeavor that requires cardio vascular exertion. What is really good about these monitors is that a person can set them to beep when they are below or above their ‘ideal’ training zone.  Therefore, if they train ‘in the zone’ they can make progress with out burning out.  There is another benefit that comes with being in ‘the zone’ for a decent amount of time.  The body starts to create endorphins and endorphins provide a natural high.  This endorphin ‘rush’ can help a person get out of bed and go for it, one more time!

The heart rate monitor, with all of its benefits, has made me wonder, is there a spiritual equivalent?  The Wesleyan believers would always ask one another; “How is it with your soul?”  The answer to that question might reflect the gauge on the Spiritual Heart Rate Monitor (SHRM).  As we try to understand our own SHRM it seems that we need to understand our own sense of joy and our own sense of inner peace.  Yet, these two indexes are very hard to read in the bright lights and noisy environment of our modern culture.  In order to read the index of joy and the index of peace we need to create pockets of silence & solitude.  Silence & solitude is antithetical to our culture and it can be quite unsettling.  Yet I believe, silence & solitude is the only place where we can get the answer to the question: “How is it with your soul?”  It is the only place where we can hear the beep of our personal SHRM and experience the natural high of being in step with Him.

Once we have entered into silence and solitude and we have encountered the question: “How is it with your soul?”, then we are ready to encounter more challenging questions.

The Transforming Center has created this questionnaire and it is quite helpful in helping us dissect and formulate our answers.

As you look at your answers, what have you discovered about you and your heart?  How is He leading you to grow your heart and become the person He has designed you to be?  Developing a personal, dynamic, spiritual growth plan might be your most critical project, this day!  Go For It!

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2 thoughts on “The Heart Rate Monitor

  1. As a medical interpreter I have seen first hand how the “heart monitor” is used along side of of the “pulse oximeter” measuring the amount of oxygen that the body is using. Oxygen is the needed factor of our lifeblood element in which the heart pumps, recycles and disperses thorugh the body. The Holy Spirit is a grand picture of the “lifeforce” within us that keeps our heart pumping, muscles moving and brain processing. As I get my needed oxgen per sec of everyday (the Holy Spirity) He enables me to move and live within His Being to conform to His Spirit, His leading (walking and using those mucsles) and breathing life into every situation or fellow human being I encounter. It is a second by second engagement with the Lord who created His Body. I maybe just a joint in the little toe but I am VITIAL in the function for the whole foot to move as it was designed.