True Adventure? Really?


Not too long ago someone inquired: “Tell me about your greatest adventure.”  I think they wanted to know about far away places and ‘daring do’, that which put me right on the edge of life and death.  Quite quickly I mentally indexed a list of such events and I did not mention one of them.  Why not mention them? Because, I started to think about the dynamics involved in a good adventure and that is where the intrigue lies.  If we just look at events, without understanding dynamics… person’s adventure can be another person’s walk in the park.  And this, quite quickly devolves into one story trying to out do another story…. male macho banter.

A good adventure lives at the intersection where excitement and uncertainty/fear meet.  There is something about the situation that challenges us to engage with the totality of who we are….we are totally present to the given moment.  Therefore, we are focused and fully alive!

We also know, deep down, that we may or may not successfully negotiate the situation. We might be a raging success or we might be a total failure.  The potential for success and the potential for complete failure is a significant part of what makes an event an adventure.  It is living into the risk of failure and/or rejection that invites the grandest of all adventures.

At this point, climbing a frozen water fall might be much easier than walking into an AA meeting.  Floating the Grand Canyon might be a paddle on a pond compared to working on your marriage. Helicopter skiing in British Columbia might be a gentle swish in the park compared to teaching a Sunday school class.

So, what allows us to dare greatly? to risk significantly? to embrace life fully?

We must come to realize that our success and/or our failure does not define us.  What defines us and what allows us to live into the adventure of being vibrantly alive is the God who made us.  You see, He made me in His image. He called me into a relationship. As I respond to that call, he indwells me with His spirit. I become an agent of His incomprehensible grace in a hurting world.  I can risk greatly because my inner self is wrapped up in Him!  It is not wrapped up in my performance!

What grand adventure have you been called to undertake?  Does it wake you up early and command all of your attention?  Does it engage you so that you are vibrantly alive?  Are you compelled to dare greatly!

Go for it!!

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10 thoughts on “True Adventure? Really?

  1. You drew me in with the title and the photo. The great adventures are not always the conquering of a summit, or charging a huge wave or scaling the wall of a 5.12 pitch. The true adventure is the person who once walked but now is in a wheel chair. Or the parent who is caring for a child with a terminal illness or disability. Or a broken relationship that is in need of repair. It’s in these situations where the risk of failure and/or rejection is at it’s pinnacle.

  2. Dick, I love this line…”A good adventure lives at the intersection where excitement and uncertainty/fear meet.” So true! These are the moments when you really feel ALIVE. It requires stepping out in faith. It’s scary, exciting and fun all at the same time. When I read your first line my mind starting taking me through past adventures, but then when I read the line quoted above I started redefining what a “true” adventure is. My first thought? When I worked up the courage to ask out the woman of my dreams. I was clearly at the crossroads of excitement and uncertainly! Palms sweating, heart racing…but I went for it. Man, did it pay off! That was the start of my grand adventure with my wife!

    • Mike, I am glad you have experienced ‘the adventure’. It is so much easier to understand it when you have experienced it. That ‘scary, exciting, fun’ that you reference is a potent cocktail for an adrenaline junkie. Thanks for engaging. Cheers, D

  3. Dick – I have been meditating on 1 Corinthians 9:19 – “For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a slave to all, so that I may win more.” I fascinated with the journey from master to slave – from “loser” to a winner (of souls!) My adventure is becoming a slave to others – I have long felt it was good to be a slave to Jesus… but to others?

    BTW – I would love to hear your conversion story sometime on this adventure blog!

    • David, Thank you for engaging with the blog. Hey, aren’t there some healthy boundaries to this whole adventure thing? I am convinced that this ‘slave to Jesus & slave to others’ is a level of adventure that I have not adequately embraced or contemplated. Thank you for the challenge!

  4. Thanks for embracing the adventure that God has set out for you. It’s always encouraging to hear someone speak so candidly and honestly about what the world would have us believe rather than the True North of Jesus. I wasn’t born again until 18 years ago but I love the adventure He has determined for my life.

    Your faith sounds so alive and vibrant …

    All the best,

    • Deb, Thank you for engaging! Good to hear from you. The adventure of following Him and choosing to be vibrantly alive is an awesome adventure. If I can ever be of any help in your journey, let me know.
      Yours and His, Dick

  5. Dick,

    (As usual) thanks for sharing this insight.

    From my perspective… I have played, coached, and been enamored with soccer as a team sport for over 35 years and I think the endeavor has a lot to teach us about life. Individual adventures are cool… but:

    Soccer matches are true adventures too… and, when well-played, they are a valuable illustrative metaphor for an effective life.

    As a soccer match by definition cannot be played by any one individual…I believe life cannot be lived well as one either.

    It takes a team to win.

    ‘Just a thought.


    • Eric, Thanks for jumping into the conversation. I love what happens with team/body concepts. I think that is what has really impacted me with the WAH guys. Historically, I have been a loner. Yet the power of the gang of brothers is crazy. I risk greatly because of how He works in and through you!
      Thanks for being a friend!