You Choose!


The restaurant was quite elegant and the menu was very complex.  The number of choices was overwhelming. Faced with the opportunity to make a decision, I wanted to make the right decision.  I made my decision and I am sure I made the right one….at least I enjoyed the meal & the rest of the evening. Yet, I will never know if I made the ‘best’ decision or if I made the ‘right’ decision. I made a decision.  I got to choose and that is a luxury!

Theologians have said that one aspect of being made in the image of God is our ability to choose.  When we make choices we are exercising a God like quality.  Yet, I am keenly aware that I make a lot of choices every day and I never think about the choices I make. It seems that I live a lot of my life on auto pilot and I miss the opportunity to see God’s gift of choice.

When I do not see the ability to choose as a gift, than I easily get stuck.  I start to see life through the lens of ‘have to’.  I ‘have to’ do this….and I ‘have to’ do that. Life becomes an obligation, it becomes a duty and it can easily morph into drudgery.  What is the antidote?  I must begin to see life through the lens of ‘get to‘.  Through the lens of ‘get to’ life can easily become an adventure.  I start to see this task, this event, this situation as an opportunity to learn, to grow, to serve and to become.

Victor Frankl lived through the horrors of Nazi concentration camps.  Through that experience he came to realize that everything could be taken from him, except for one thing.  That which could never be taken from him was his ability to choose how he would respond to the situation.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms-to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Man’s Search for Meaning

In our ability to choose our attitude to any given situation we also have the ability to find meaning in what we do and what we experience.  The simple tasks of every day… my bedroom, washing the dishes, taking out the trash…everything I do can become a joy as I see it as a significant way to love and serve. Therefore, I ‘get to’ love and serve in this way.

Helen Keller said that, “Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all.”  The choice is yours!

The OT says it a bit differently.  “I have set before you life & death, blessings & curses.  Now choose life….that you may live & love the Lord.” Deut.30:19

Please engage, let us know how & what you are choosing as you embrace life!

Amp the Joy! Celebrate Life!



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2 thoughts on “You Choose!

  1. Dick, this book is one of my favorite books ever written! I love this real concept of learning to choose how we will respond to what life brings. It has made a huge difference in how I am now living!!
    Scott Humphreys