Rewire the Day


As a young boy I would wake early and snuggle into my blanket and wait for the day to begin.  The day always began with my mother coming into my room and singing: “This is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.”  My response was always the same…..I would burrow deeper into my covers.

Now, many years later, I am totally convinced there are better ways to start the day.  Launch into the new day the night before.  The new day needs to begin as I am shutting down the day that I have just finished.  This way I can rejoice in the day I have been given and I can prayerfully get ready for what is beginning.

Ten months ago I was reading about creation in the book of Genesis.  At the end of each creative event, we are told: “There was evening and there was morning-the ___ day.”  As I started to look at this wording I came to understand that, a long time ago,  a day started in the evening and went until the evening of the next day.  In some ways this was not new…..I always finish a day in the evening.  But what was very new was the concept of starting the day in the evening.  This idea has  changed my routines and impacted the way I think.

The greatest change might be the way I bring closure to my day.  I now end my day in review & prayer.  I look back over the events of the day.  As I do this I am looking for places where I encountered God and His spirit at work.  I look for places where I was able to contribute, to serve, to encourage and uniquely care.  I want to be in a position to learn, to grow, to say thank you and to say I am sorry.  The daily review is something that I do in my journal. This written record feels and sounds like a prayer.

At the end of the daily review, I bring the new day into focus.  I look at all that is on my plate for the new day. I think about the appointments and the activities that will define my day and I make notes about what I need to do.  Then I close my notebook & prayerfully reflect on the opportunities ahead.   I have come to realize that just getting everything out of my head and down on paper (David Allen: Getting Things Done) helps me move into the most  significant event of the new day: sleep.

I have repositioned sleep into the first hours of the new day. Therefore I treat it with greater respect.  I start to make sleep a priority because I understand the rest of the day will reflect the success of this energy enhancing event.

So, I encourage you to rewire your day.  Start and finish your day at different place.   Allow your energy to be enhanced and your joy to be amped!

Embrace Life!  D

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