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This week I purchased an  Amplifier Signal Booster for my cell phone.  It is designed to do one thing, amplify cell phone signals.  In theory, it will allow me to continue conversations even when the signal is low and I am flirting with dropping a call.  Hopefully, it will allow me to maintain a connection even as I am driving through some of the remote areas of Colorado.

One of the joys of my life is that I get to live in the mountains of Colorado.  I see this as a great gift and I try to never take it for granted.  Therefore, when I jump in my pick up truck, I want to be available.  I want to be able to continue conversations just like my urban friends.  More importantly, I want to be able to plan the connections and therefore, the disconnections.  It is frustrating to have a conversation dictated by the location of a cell phone tower.

As I have reflected upon my desire to be connected…..I realize it is driven, in part, by my desire to be disconnected.  There is something very, very good about being ‘off the grid’.  I love being in those places where I cannot access technology.  Yet, I want to be disconnected in a way that allows me to relax.  I have come to realize that I can relax when I have planned to turn off technology.  When technology is interrupted, when it fails and I am not able to meet an obligation, then I am aware of significant internal tension.

In my world, today, there is an implicit expectation that I will be available  24/7.  And, if I am honest, I want to be wanted and therefore, I want to be available.  I fear being marginalized and moving to the sidelines.  So, I stay plugged in, I stay available and ultimately the ubiquity of amorphous expectations takes its toll and I must say no.  I must turn it off.  That is the only way that I can ‘turn it back on’ with a sense of freshness and sanity.

As I reflect upon my issues around connection/rejection, I reflect upon my connection with the Lord of the universe.  I am aware that He desires connection with me.  His desire for connection is beyond my ability to understand and/or appreciate.  I wonder, what is the best way for me to boost & amplify my connection with Him?  

I am convinced that if I am going to amp my connection with Him, I must learn to turn off the technology.  I must learn to quiet my inner cacophony.  I must learn to sit in silence and solitude that I might be positioned to hear His still small voice (1Kings19:12).  I am quite certain that His voice whispers: “I love You!” That message must be amplified with in me so that it overwhelms the noise of my culture.

That message is transformational!!  May we be transformed, Today!

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