The Best Day Ever!!


The alarm penetrated the dark, calling me to the kitchen and the switch on the coffee pot.  As the coffee pot began to perk, I started to focus in on the day  ahead.  I knew it was going to be a good day….even though the sun was far from illuminating the world.  Yet, as I focused in on the thought that today was going to be a good day, I began to wonder….how did I know that today was going to be a good day?  I started to wonder, to question….what was going to keep this good day from being a great day?  More importantly, how could I ensure that this was going to be a great day?

As I reflected upon the journey from good day to great day, I quickly realized that a number of times I had thought a day was going to be great and it left me disappointed.  In a similar sort of way…..there have been many days when I thought it was going to be an average day and it turned into a spectacular day.  My desire is to have more and more average days morph into outrageously great days.  I want those days to blur into the category of being the best day ever (BDE).  And that raises the critical question…..what is my role in making today the best day ever??

Maybe the journey to (BDE) has more to do with what is going on inside of me than what is going on outside of me.   A quick evaluation of my recent history with (BDE) would indicate that this is true.  It seems that the very nature of my expectation that this will be the BDE sets me up to be disappointed.  That is the nature of expectations.  Expectations set me up to be disappointed because “this” does not compare with what I expected.  And even if this day, this event, or this moment did meet my expectations, I might take it for granted because it is nothing more than what I expected.  The very process of taking that which ‘might be’ the BDE for granted allows that day to be a ho-hum.  Because, after all, it is just what I expected.

In order for a day to really be the best it has to stand out, it has to be unique.  That uniqueness happens most often when I allow myself to be surprised by the present moment.  The surprise and the appreciation of the present moment is that which contributes most consistently to the creation of the Best Day Ever.  Therefore, do I see, in the current moment, the ingredients for the best day ever.  Do I see the sunrise? Do I smell the freshly brewed coffee? Do I feel the warm breeze on my cheek? Do I sense the encouragement in a friendly smile? Is the meal in front of me a disappointment or a delightful source of energy? The night of sleep & rest that was just experienced, is it a gift of replenishment or something I do not even notice? Do I realize that the very awareness of the littlest of things is that which contributes most significantly to my being surprised by joy and enveloped by the best day ever.

Being a student of the art of appreciation is that which contributes most consistently to my experiencing the Best Day Ever.  Therefore, it is critical that I take nothing for granted and in everything I say thank you.  The real question for all of us, this day….are we going to be aware of the smallest of things? Are we going to take nothing for granted? Are we going to appreciate all that we have been given that our joy might be full?

I am convinced that being aware and thankful are the critical ingredients for TODAY being the best day ever!!!

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